Healthcare Hero

Margaret Lopez

Margaret Lopez Hch

The Real Rock Army salutes today’s Healthcare Hero … Margaret Lopez from Belleville, IL!

Margaret has been a nurse for 29 years at Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL on Floor 2 Center

Read on to learn why Margaret’s daughter feels she should be today’s Healthcare Hero …

My mother has been a nurse for almost as long as I have been alive. She went back to school to become a nurse after I was born. She raised four daughters while taking on this amazing career. She is an early riser and extremely hard worker. She has worked on 2 Center at Memorial Hospital all of her career. She worked at other doctor’s offices through the years but always stayed at the hospital part time and then eventually came back on full time because she loved it so much. Her floor was originally the pediatric unit at Belleville Memorial and she just loves working with children. In recent years it has changed to an oncology floor when the other Memorial East hospital opened up in Shiloh, IL. She went back to school at Lindenwood University to receive her Master’s degree and also taught nursing classes there while still on full time at the hospital. She works 12 hour days through the week and even goes in on the weekend to make sure her staff is doing well and the patients are cared for with the best effort. Her coworkers often have to remind her to take breaks or eat lunch because she is so dedicated to the patients. When others are sick or have a family emergency, she goes in at the drop of a hat to cover their shift. She stays on call and always has her phone near her if they need her on the floor. If you ask around at either Memorial Hospital in Bellville or Shiloh, most times other staff members know Maggie Lopez. She is an extremely hard working nurse, loving mother and grandmother who definitely deserves recognition. She is very humble and almost never takes time for herself. She is always thinking of others first. Through this Coronavirus pandemic, she has done nothing but press on through the hard days and long shifts to do what needs to be done. When I was concerned for her health with what’s going on, she simply replied that she will go in and continue to do her job. Being a nurse and helping people is what she loves to do.

She grew up in Smithton, IL, a pretty out of the way small town and then raised us kids in Red Bud, IL. Having KSHE broadcasting from the big city would always bring our day up. She always had it on in the car taking us to school and her and my father grew their relationship on KSHE. It’s a big city radio station that comforts people in small towns all over the area. Rock N’ Roll really does sooth your soul through good times and bad. KSHE is so good at that it’s nationally known. You can’t tell the story of our family without KSHE.

My mother and father have 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren who all still live in and around Belleville, IL. When my mother isn’t working tirelessly, her and my retired father go to their house at Carlyle Lake or to their place in Myrtle Beach. She loves boating and going to the beach. She is an awesome cook and loves to garden. She quilts and can sew just about anything. Before I was born, she used to make wedding dresses and has made baby quilts for each of the grandkids. She always has some project she is working on.

KSHE songs Margaret wanted to hear today:

Rod Stewart – Maggie May
John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane
John Mellencamp – Hurts So Good

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