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John “The U-Man” Ulett grew up in St. Louis dreaming of being on the radio in his hometown. Well, he made his dreams come true. May 25th, 2016, marked his 40th anniversary as a full-time on air personality at one of the very first radio stations in the world to play rock music on the FM dial … KSHE 95. That’s an accomplishment that has probably never been matched. It may never be matched. But, then, John won’t ever be matched. He’s a true pro and a heckuva good guy. I know. I’ve worked with him for decades and he’s a very, very good friend. KSHE Program Director – Rick Balis

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  • Hole in One
  • Wall of Fame
  • U-Man Special
  • White Rock Marathon
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Joe Magrane
  • Morning Zoo
  • Professor Uman