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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Who

The classic Who line-up consisted of lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, bassist John Entwistle, and drummer Keith Moon. They are considered one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, selling over 100 million records worldwide. Their first single, “I Can’t Explain,” reached the U.K. top ten, followed by a string of singles including “My Generation,” “Substitute” and “Happy Jack.” In 1967, they performed at the Monterey Pop Festival and released the U.S. top ten single “I Can See for Miles.” The group’s fourth album, 1969’s rock opera Tommy, included the single “Pinball Wizard” and was a critical and commercial success. Live appearances at Woodstock and the Isle of Wight Festival, along with the live album Live at Leeds, cemented their reputation as a respected rock act.

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