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Steel Panther’s Rockdown In The Lockdown Livestream

August 16 @ 4:00 pm @ Steel Panther Live

More Music! More Comedy! More Spandex! More Panther!

Now that they have officially Saved The World, Steel Panther is continuing to Lower The Bar for themselves as they gear up for their 2nd livestream on August 16th. Serving up All You Can Eat – still with full production, the concert event will also include sketches that are Balls Out funny alongside additional Panther treats. Monster Energy is back as a sponsor because they are still Feeling The Steel after the Concert To Save The World. Proceeds from each ticket will be donated to Crew Nation and a local animal rescue/shelter in LA because as we all know, Heavy Metal Rules.

Use promo code KSHE to purchase tickets HERE!

California rock legends, global philanthropists and stripper connoisseurs Steel Panther continue to set new career goals for themselves. After effectively saving the world (we are all reading this press release after all) with the very successful Concert To Save The World in June, the band is now back with another virtual concert event, Rockdown In The Lockdown. The concert will take place on Sunday, August 16th from the ultra-sanitized, production-filled, multi-camera Drum Channel Studio at Drum Workshop located in Oxnard, CA. The show will be live globally at 4:00PM St. Louis time.

Rockdown In The Lockdown will be slightly different from what fans saw last time. Steel Panther has filmed a series of sketch comedy pieces that will be played throughout the show giving the virtual experience more depth and laughs. The band will again be interacting with fans around the globe via a live chat. Tickets for the virtual concert will cost $15.00 each; with proceeds from each ticket sold going to benefit a local Los Angeles animal rescue and Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund (benefitting all touring personnel affected by the Covid-19 pandemic). All fans who purchase tickets to the concert will get access to Steel Panther’s Rockbuster Video Store. The Rockbuster Video Store will be a place where fans can access exclusive content to stream for a period of time. Currently, The Concert To Save The World and the classic Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage will be available with ticket purchase and more content will be added. Anyone who has purchased the band’s latest effect pedal The Butthole Burner prior to the concert will get a free ticket to the event. The “You Can’t Beat The Meat & Greet” VIP upgrade is also available that includes access to a virtual one-on-one meet & greet, private video chat with 2 band members and a screen shot selfie.

Rockdown In The Lockdown is being sponsored by Monster Energy & KSHE 95 and all tickets and VIP upgrades are available HERE and use promo code KSHE.

“More Music! More Comedy! More Spandex! More Panther! Steel Panther would like to inform you that it is STILL totally legal to attend this concert naked, but please wear a mask if you’re around strangers!”