Live and Lern

Ep. 9 / Kelly Wild

Since Kelly Wild was fifteen years old, she has been making music. Kelly started in a band called, ‘Boom’ that lead her to fronting one of St Louis’ best cover bands known today as ‘Trixie Delight.’ She has made plenty of cameos in El Monstero and Celebration Day productions and it does not matter who originally sang the song because Kelly’s range has no gender role – she can sing it all. Lern sits down with Kelly Wild in a studio so you can really get to know those vocal chords. She may sound soft spoken here but get her on stage and you will be blown away by her vocal capabilities. The topics range from being female in any entertainment industry to forming a band, creating a set list and reading the room. Consider this a short guide for anyone who may be interested in starting a band and recognizing what power it can take to look the audience in the eyes while connecting to the music we all love. Enjoy!