Live and Lern

Ep. 8 / Jordan Hampton

Jordan Hampton works with with ARCHway Institute, NCADA, and Recovery House in the St Louis area. Aside from being a peer counselor, Jordan is also a living, breathing example of how these organizations can help people recover from addiction. Jordan, himself, is in long-term recovery from his addictions. In this episode, Lern sits down for some coffee, informative conversation about the resources available and how those suffering with addiction have never had a better opportunity than the present day to get help. This topic is heavy but definitely a ‘must-hear’ for everyone, as the epidemic of drug addiction is something that affects us all. We are trying to break the stigma and give hope to people through the art of communicating, and Jordan’s story is definitely one to hear. Through this episode you may hear information you will want to write down, so please feel free to grab a pen and pass this information on. We also hope this conversation ignites people to talk with others about addiction and finding the strength to get the help they may need.