Live and Lern

Ep. 4 / Tyler B. Ruff

Tyler B. Ruff is an artist from Waterloo, Illinois. His comic book, ‘The Unforgiven’ has made its rounds through the local comic convention circuit, some national conventions and has even made it into the hands of the late and legendary, Stan Lee. Lern sits down with Tyler in The Grove at Rise Coffee Shop to talk about how one actually creates a comic book series, where the inspiration is drawn from (no pun intended) and how nurturing the talents of people can help those talents grow into careers. They also discuss the need for authenticity while being human, how we should never stop learning new things and how the foundation we grow on can greatly tune who we are later in life. You will also notice that Lern is rudely eating avocado toast throughout some of this interview, so Misophoniacs beware! Hopefully this episode will energize you to draw or at least let out the creativity within you!