Live and Lern

Ep. 27 / Kelsie Eversmeyer

Nutrition and healthy habits: two things we probably all could be better at, am I right? (You’re nodding, I assume) Enter my friend: Kelsie Eversmeyer – A Shame-Free Nutritionist and Healthy Habits Coach! In this episode, we dive into education, action and reaction to what the world is telling us about ‘what we should be doing’ and what we already know about taking care of ourselves. As you will hear through this entire episode, really KNOWING what your goals are and reading up on how to get there is completely important… and sometimes it helps to have someone to guide you every step of the way. That’s what Kelsie does for her clients. If you have been falling back into bad habits – unhealthy ones – during this pandemic, this may be a great resource for you. This episode pairs well with listening in headphones and laughing through the completely awful sound quality (Lern is MORTIFIED..haha!) But we couldn’t scrap the conversation… it was so good. Also, I hate Chainsaws. Actually, this episode pairs well with NOT cutting down your trees early in the morning.