Live and Lern

Ep. 26 / Donny Fandango

Donny Fandango is one last of a dying breed of radio hosts. It is rare to find a jock who actually cares about the music they play and who has the authenticity to just ‘be themselves’ in this wild online age we are living in. As we will discuss: Donny is ‘layered like an onion’ and this episode only touches on maybe HALF of who Donny is, completely. It was a real treat to sit back and have a very genuine conversation with someone in the radio business about the professional lines we all walk, online hate vs online awesomeness, parenting, the joys of finding music and how to completely screw up interviewing Marilyn Manson. This episode pairs nicely with listening to some Millencolin, while muting your enemies online and allowing yourself to surrender to being completely who you are. Enjoy.