Live and Lern

Ep. 23 / Mark Klose

When you think about legends, you probably go straight to their success stories, or the reason you know of them in the first place. Rarely, do we focus on where the legend comes from but after you know that story, you never forget it. In some ways, it adds hope for all of us once we do find out how hard someone worked or the adversity they were met with, and still managed to succeed. This is true with the legend of Mark Klose – a man who has been in the St. Louis radio business for almost 50 years and got his start digging ditches behind the flagship radio station that would eventually ‘make him.’ With humor, wit, wisdom, sarcasm and self-deprecation, he has charmed our city in so many ways. Lern has worked with Mark for 12+ years and she thinks he’s one of a kind. This episode pairs well with checking in on your dreams and your work ethic and seeing how much more you have to go before you make it all happen for yourself – because you can!