Live and Lern

Ep. 22 / An Episode About Grief.

Who wants to talk about GRIEF! Let’s be real — no one. Which is really strange because we all grieve on varying levels through our lives and it’s completely true that we will all experience loss in life. There’s world grief right now with a pandemic, national grief with injustice and unrest in our communities and of course the ever-so-heavy: Personal Grief, which we all have to deal with individually. For this episode, Lern sits down to discuss what it can be like losing a parent. She is joined by her colleague and friend, Courtney Diamond, as they chat about what it was like losing their dads. There are interesting similarities and yet unique differences in each of their stories. That is the thing about grief: it’s yours. It is unique to your experience and everything that leads up to the moment it hits. Sometimes having a road map, or someone to talk to can help immensely. So sit back, open your hearts and prepare for the grief wave. This episode pairs well with calling your dads (if you still can) but if you can’t — call someone you love very much.