Live and Lern

Ep. 21 / John Ulett

If you asked Lern who the most famous person in St. Louis is, she would answer with: “John Ulett.” He’s a city treasure. He has been with KSHE since the late 70s, and he’s been the PA announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals since the 80s. The tone of St. Louis in the audible-form has been those velvety vocal chords of John Ulett. Lern was lucky enough to work alongside him for eight years on the first edition of the KSHE Morning Rock Show. She considers him one of her best friends and an extension of her family. As you will hear in this episode, not much has changed since they have been behind the mics together. The humor is there, the sensitivity is there, the awkward is there. As it shall ever be! This episode pairs well with calling an old friend and seeing how they’re doing.