Live and Lern

Ep. 20 / Pandemic Pep Talk

What we all need is a good ol’ fashioned, from the heart pep talk in these wild times. Mixed in with a bunch of realism about why the hell this episode is two days LATE. In this belated episode, Lern apologizes to you all and gets honest about what happened this week. Sometimes you just can’t ‘show up and produce’ when you hope to… In this 25 minute talk, Lern will open her mind and give you a ‘free-think’ about what she is…uh, thinking. Maybe you will gather something from this to relate to, or maybe you will hate this. Maybe you are unsubscribing as you read this. (Does anyone REALLY read the descriptions?) Anyway. Enjoy this pep talk. This episode pairs well with listening while in the bath tub, and maybe having a good cry. But then also having a sigh of relief that we are going to make it.