Live and Lern

Ep. 18 / The Lern Show

Due to the mother-effing COVID-19, this episode will be a solo experience with Lern. A first in the podcast. Good thing she talks to herself for a living, otherwise this may not be ‘as entertaining’. All silliness aside, this quarantine existence we are all living through right now has thrown off the guest-having for this episode (and if we are being real, possibly for many future episodes of this podcast). Lern is definitely going to look into the options with recording from afar with guests – she just wants to make sure it doesn’t sound bad. For this episode, Lern sits down with herself to tell you some stories about her radio career. Mainly, the story of why she isn’t a forensic psychologist and how she works in radio. It’s a pretty normal story with some surprises waiting inside. This episode pairs nicely with: taking a shower since you probably haven’t yet, as well as maybe wearing some pants…and sippin’ on your favorite homemade isolation cocktail. Please drink responsibly and please keep isolating until it’s safe to go out, so we don’t ruin this. BE WELL!