Live and Lern

Ep. 16 Lern’s Mom

If you ever find yourself wondering what type of environment Lern grew up in or maybe what her parental influences were like – this is the episode for YOU! As Lern will describe: it may be the most uncomfortable episode so far. Mainly because the person she is interviewing used to ground her and give her allowance money, and has been the constant rock in her whole lifetime – yes, it’s her mom. The mother and daughter duo go in depth on certain things from the past but avoid other topics that maybe could have organically come up. Mainly, Lern was walking a thin line to take care of her mom in the uncomfortable world of being interviewed. Nonetheless, you get to know Lern’s mom in a capacity that maybe you never knew before and there are parts that even surprised Lern. This episode pairs well with calling your parents or people in your life that you have cherished for a lifetime and then some. Shout out to everyone’s mom.