Live and Lern

Ep. 10 / Tim Elwell

Lern is married to Tim Elwell. They have been married for five years, together for nine. In this episode, she will attempt to interview him while they sit fireside at their home in Missouri. There will be awkward pauses (some left in… many taken out, for your pleasure.) It gets awkward but guess what – that’s what it’s like living in their home. Tim is thoughtful with his words, where Lern is many times impulsive. Tim is reserved and cool about things, where Lern is outward like an octopus – wrapping the tension in her crazy octopus-human arms. You may wonder halfway through, ‘What exactly is happening here?’ – That is a good thing. That means you are exactly where they wanted you to be. There’s a bit of romance in this episode and after they get through some throwaway topics (social media), they get down to the personal honesty you maybe have been looking for. This was a holiday special for Lern, mostly, so she can listen back on this episode when she is 98 years old.