Tommy Chong

Jeff Selby Tommy Chong Meeting Tommy Chong at the Albuquerque airport in 2013

KSHE Weber Grill Winner

Chaz Kutterer KSHE Weber Grill Winner The Weber Gas Grill that I won sporting a Sweetmeat sticker. Fantastic grill by the way!

Rockin at the Rock Quarry

Chaz Kutterer Rockin at the Rock Quarry Wearing my KSHE hat having target practice with shotguns at the abandon rock quarry in Columbia, IL, approximately 1980

Historical Documents

Bebo Historical Documents Back in the 80s when KSHE changed to the weedless Sweetmeat logo, naturally, I thought all was lost. I had four (4) of these now highly-valuable historical…

The Coolest Dudes

Stefanie Hochstadter The Coolest Dudes Long hair, everywhere. Circa mid to late 70s. Rock on!