John Nimmons Thermal Thermal I got in 1978. Although I live 500 miles away, I still am a loyal listener.

It was on the bus, man!

David Chaika It was on the bus, man! A KSHE 95 sign, off a Bi-State bus, circa 1978 ish. I seen it go down Chippewa street day after day. Then…

We are KSHE

Amanda Crouch We are KSHE We are KSHE … from the very first song, White Rabbit, to now🤘🏻

2018 KSHE Pig Roast

Lisa Zimmerman 2018 KSHE Pig Roast My friends and I had a blast at the 2018 KSHE Pig roast. We didn’t realize it for a few days but, I just happened…

KSHE in Ireland

Renée Shetley KSHE in Ireland We represented KSHE at Tempke Bar in Ireland September of 2018