Air guitar

KSHE listener Robert playing air guitar in his KSHE tee in 1982

Rock n Rollllllll!

This little beauty adorned the rear end of my husband Dan’s 1967 Plymouth Barracuda racecar. The car, sharing the birth year with K-SHE’95, was a true match made in heaven!…

Hand Carved Meat

My freehand drawing of the classic KSHE Logo on poster board. It is colored with colored pencil

SuperJam ‘78

My Angel banner hanging in Old Busch stadium with my friends. Got my guitar signed by Angel 11/3/21. Worth the wait. FastKev Schaller

Smash and FastKev

Smash and FastKev at a charity auction. Guitar autographed by “Black Sabbath” the entire band

Original Rocky Horror sign

This is the original Rocky Horror sign from the Varsity. My buddy grabbed it before they tore it down. Safe in my guitar room FastKev Schaller

KSHE at History Museum

Donald Casalone visiting the KSHE display at the Missouri History Museum’s “St. Louis Sound” display in 2021