Bill Schmidt

Name: Bill Schmidt From: Catawissa, MO                         Works at: American Dream Home Improvement Bill has been faithful KSHE listener since 1975 or so….

Brian Irwin

Name: Brian Irwin From: DeSoto, MO                         Works at: Brian works at Tops Unlimited as a CNC Operator making commercial countertops. Brian has…

Justin Prestidge

Name: Justin Prestidge From: Hillsboro, MO                        Works at: Justin works for the Jefferson R-7 Fire Protection District as a part time firefighter….

Linda Raback

Name: Linda Raback From: Collinsville, IL                         Works at: Linda says she is currently unemployed, but not for long! Linda has been listening…

Paul Deptula

Name: Paul Deptula From: O’Fallon, MO                         Works at: Paul is currently on a disability leave from Hollywood Casino. Paul has been listening…

Earl Uebel

Name: Earl Uebel From: St. Louis, MO                          Works at: Earl works at P'sghetti's. Earl has been listening to KSHE since 1976….

Tina Beahringer

Name: Tina Beahringer From: Edwardsville, IL                        Works at: Tina works for J. Carpentry out of Edwardsville IL. Where all Home Improvements needs…

Mark Eldridge

Name: Mark Eldridge From: St. Louis, MO                         Works at: Mark works for Cardinal Building Materials in South St. Louis. Mark has been…

Rob Audrain

Name: Rob Audrain From: St. Louis, MO                         Works at: Rob works at Washington University Rob has been listening to KSHE since 1995….

Pamela Sheppard-Skelton

Name: Pamela Sheppard-Skelton From: St. Louis, MO                         Works at: Pamela works for Paragon Staffing. She is a contract HEDIS RN for Healthcare…