January 3rd: Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and more ...

On This Day in Rock

1963: The Beatles began their first headlining tour with four nights in Scotland appearing at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin. Two of the dates were cancelled due to bad weather.
1964: The Beatles were seen for the first time on US TV when a clip from the BBC's 'The Mersey Sound' showing the group playing 'She Loves You' was shown on The Jack Paar Show.

1964: The Rolling Stones appeared at Glenlyn Ballroom in Forest Hill, England, supported by The Detours, later to become The Who.

1969: Appearing live on The Lulu show on UK TV, Jimi Hendrix was booked to perform two songs, 'Voodoo Child', which is performed in full, then he stopped performing his new single ‘Hey Joe’ after a verse and chorus and instead launched into a version of the Cream song 'Sunshine Of Your Love' as a tribute to the band who had split a few days earlier. Hendrix then proceeded to continuing jamming, running over their allocated time slot on the live show, preventing the show’s host Lulu from closing the show properly.

1970: Working on the 'Get Back' sessions at Studio Two of EMI Studios, London, three Beatles, Paul, George and Ringo record 16 takes of the George Harrison song ‘I Me Mine.’ John Lennon was away in Denmark at the time. A decade later it became the title of George Harrison's auto-biography.

1972: Two weeks of rehearsals for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon tour began at the Bermondsey in London, England … the venue was owned by The Rolling Stones.

1973: Two thousand international fashion editors and experts voted Mick and Bianca Jagger two of the top dozen best-dressed men and women of 1972.

1973: Bruce Springsteen played the first of a 4 night run at The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, opening for the comedy rock duo Travis Shook & The Club Wow.

1974: Bob Dylan and The Band started a 39-date US tour, Dylan's first live appearance for over 7 years. There were more than 5 million applications for the 660,000 tickets.

1976: Bob Dylan's song, 'Hurricane', peaked at No.33 on the Billboard singles chart, helping to cause enough publicity to eventually get former boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter released from jail. The song promoted Carter's innocence and a movie about Carter's life, starring Denzel Washington, was released in 2000.

1979: The Hype, later to be known as U2. appeared at McGonagils in Dublin, Ireland.

1981: David Bowie made his final appearance as the Elephant Man in the Broadway show in New York City.

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