Lauren “Lern” Colvin started at KSHE 95 in 2008. Listen to her on the KSHE Morning Rock Show from 6a – 9a with John Ulett, and from 10a – 1p for her own show. Lern is from St. Louis and enjoys going to concerts, supporting local establishments and interacting with people as much as possible.


On Monday, January 15th the Uman celebrated his 61st year of life...however, the show was off in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. we didn't really get to celebrate with him... but he's not a child...we took this to the court. Take a listen: Audio titled KSHE COURT...
Lern’s Weekend Friday: Since I was off work, I slept in just enough until I realized that the new David Letterman series on Netflix just came out, with first guest Barack Obama and then I lied in bed and watched that. It was pretty good. Much different than the old Dave we all...
The new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi left many people in we ask if it's weird that people cry during this movie? Audio titled KSHE Court 1 10 18 by KSHE 95 The Calls: 1. NO 2. YES 3. NO 4. YES 5. YES 6. YES 7. YES 8. NO 9. YES
Ever since her epic speech during the Golden Globes, people have been talking about 'Oprah 2020' -- so we decided to take it to the KSHE SUPREME COURT. Audio titled KSHE Court 1 9 2018 by KSHE 95 The Calls: 1. NO 2. YES 3. NO 4. NO 5. NO 6. YES 7. YES 8. NO 9. NO
The cassette tape market is on the rise! There’s been a 35% increase in cassette sales Does our audience still buy cassette tapes? The Calls: NO NO YES NO YES YES NO NO YES Audio titled KSHE Court: Do you still buy cassettes? by KSHE 95
Uman's Weekend Friday morning after radio show, attended the funeral for the mother of my friend and former Morning Zoo broadcast partner Don (DJ) Johnson. That afternoon ran a 5K in 26:00 flat. Had dinner with former and current Kshe broadcasters Mark Klose, Bob Burch, Jim...
Some schools around the St. Louis area have closed because of how cold it is…we take it to the KSHE court to decide whether or not this is a good idea. The Calls: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Audio titled KSHE Court 1-5-18 by KSHE 95
Our intern, Vice is quite the daredevil…so, is he going to, or not?! The Calls: YES HELL YES NO YES NO NO NO NO YES Audio titled KSHE Court: Should Vice out to put his tongue on freezing metal on the coldest day of the year? by KSHE 95