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Steve Perry returning this fall with new solo album

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This fall, Steve Perry will release his first new album since 1996's Trial By Fire -- his last fronting Journey.

Perry shed light on the new project tentatively due out in October, telling ABC News, "I met someone and I fell in love with this person. And I lost this person to breast cancer four years ago. In the midst of that, I had written some songs, and before I met her I had sketched some. And so about a year ago, I started recording. Basically the record is an emotional expression, and a reason to make one. It's been a real cathartic experience going back to that emotional place that I thought I would never go back to. And we really have been doing our very best to capture what I think are some timeless songs."

Back in 2013, Perry revealed on his blog,, that he successfully had surgery for skin cancer. He also went into detail about his year-and-a-half whirlwind romance with late psychologist Kellie Nash as she was battling stage four breast cancer.

In what was undoubtedly the high point of last week's Rock Hall inductions, Steve Perry's loving recollections of his long-estranged former bandmates took most in the audience by surprise -- as was his generous and loving dedication to Journey's current frontman, Arnel Pineda: "I must give a complete shout out to someone who sings his complete heart out every night -- and that's Arnel Pineda, where are you Arnel? (Applause) Where are you?! Where are you?! Well, you must be backstage. To Arnel, I love you."

Fast Facts:

Steve Perry made headlines back in 2014 by performing encore cameos at concerts by alternative band Eels in Los Angeles, California; Washington, D.C; and St. Paul, Minnesota. The rock world began buzzing over a Perry comeback -- or a possible return to fronting Journey -- after his show stealing renditions of such standards as "Open Arms" and "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin’."

He recalled the first cameo with the band to Classic Rock magazine, saying, "I was just having fun. In a world where it’s hard to keep a secret, it felt so much fun to walk out there to an unsuspecting crowd. When E (Mark Oliver Everet) announced me. . .  Finally I’m out there; the audience saw me, and I hadn’t experienced that kind of emotion in quite a while. It was beyond exhilarating.”

Perry explained that the sudden jump back into performing doesn't mean he's rejoining Journey, with whom he split with back in 1998: “People have been putting two and two together -- but this wasn’t about a reunion with Journey. There is no reunion. I’m not the person I was 30 years ago; that person is gone.”

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