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New Beatles podcast reveals details of final group meeting

A new Beatles podcast, titled FABCAST, is blowing more than a few minds, having just revealed the details of the Beatles' final group meeting before their split. FABCAST -- which is hosted by rock journalist Howie Edelson, musician Stephen Bard, and record company veteran Dave Morrell -- breaks all the rules of the genre, spotlighting its hosts' knowledge, candor, professionalism -- and by not relying on repeating the same trivia and stories found in every Beatles book. One of FABCAST's promos claims: "After you've listened to everything. After you've read all the books. Then what??? FABCAST."

Howie Edelson gives the lowdown on why the tape of the Beatles' October 1969 "state of the union" is so important in the group's history: "Let me just give the listeners a setup for this; Everybody thinks that the final meeting was John Lennon after the September Toronto 'Rock N' Roll Revival' concert, he comes and he has this meeting and George Harrison isn't there, and Lennon says, 'I wasn't gonna tell you, but I'm telling you now, and I want a divorce' -- and the jaws drop and that's it! But it turns out -- either through manager Allen Klein's influence, or through panic -- he comes back. And there is a tape from October 1969 -- a month later, Abbey Road is out, is Number One, and Lennon is doing the pitching."

Dave Morrell goes on to explain the exclusivity of the Beatles' October 1969 meeting: "This was a meeting that was closed door in the sense that no one -- not even oxygen -- was allowed in the room. The only people that were in the room were the Beatles and Apple manager and right hand man Neil Aspinall on this tape, so it's the most intense, intimate 'Where are we at?' (moment) -- with John leading the way, saying 'Alright, we've done Abbey Road' -- and then they talk about the songs on Abbey Road, they talk about who did what, and he says, 'Alright, let's move on, we'll do another album, we'll all do four songs -- how's that? That's fair.' And that's when this meeting that John really puts forth to all of us that he really wants to do an album, and it gets boo-hoo'd."

Morrell goes on to describe one of the more tense moments on the tape: "George is taken back, because Paul McCartney has just flung this (beep) in his face to say, 'Four songs for George? I'm not sure. Y'know, I really wasn't keen on his material, 'til the later days.' And then George gets very defensive and very boyish, saying, 'Well, people tell me they like my songs, and they were good. They might not have been great, or good as yours, Paul, but to say yours were great and mine weren't isn't fair.'"

Dave Morrell spells out how John Lennon -- the man blamed for splitting the Beatles, was actually the man who tried to keep it together: "So John, who's controlling this meeting -- when you hear this tape, you'll see that John Lennon was the leader of The Beatles -- the end. And he says 'Let's get together, we'll do an album, we'll all do four songs -- what do you think?' And they all ho-hum it and say, 'No.' So John goes, 'Alright -- how about a Christmas single? Y'know, we finish it with a Christmas single. I think it's a great idea -- I'm in.' And they all say no. So John, on the tape goes, 'Well that's it. I guess that's the end of the Beatles. Okay.' And it really is Earth shattering to hear John throw the towel in."

You can find FABCAST on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Facebook.

Photo by John Pratt/Keystone/Getty Images

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