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Michael Anthony says documentary on Van Halen in the works

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Ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has confirmed that a documentary about his former band is in production. Anthony posted on Instagram recently, "Filmed an interview today for a Van Halen documentary in the works. Brought up many great memories! I'll let you all know when it will air."

Few details about the production are known at this time, including whether other past and current Van Halen members are participating in the film. 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the group's groundbreaking self-titled debut album.

Anthony joined Van Halen in 1974 and appeared on the band's albums and tours through 2004, when he was removed from the lineup by guitarist Eddie Van Halen because he remained friendly with Sammy Hagar after the singer's second stint in the band.

The bassist joined the group's ill-fated 2004 reunion trek with Hagar only after taking a pay cut and signing away his rights to any future use of the Van Halen name.

When Van Halen reunited with original vocalist David Lee Roth in 2007, Anthony was replaced on bass by Eddie's son Wolfgang, although he remains open to reuniting with the group for its 40th anniversary, saying, "I'm always the guy that says never say never . . . I'm just having fun doing what I'm doing, and if it happens, it'll happen. I'm obviously open to it, if something happens with it."

Hagar himself said a while back that he'd entertain the idea of all five members going on tour together -- including him, Roth, Anthony and the Van Halen brothers: "I would love to see a Sam and Dave reunion with Michael, Alex, and Eddie. I think the fans would die and go to heaven on that one, y'know? That, I would sit across the table (to discuss). And I would go through negotiations. Ed and Al are brothers and they're really tight and they're hard to deal with because they're not straight up all time, so, they'll tell you one thing and the next day, you look at what they said you said and you say, (laughs) 'Wait a minute, that's not what I understood,' and then you go back and forth. But for that, I would put in the effort and roll up my sleeves if everybody was interested, because that, that. . . c'mon, it would be awesome."

Anthony and Hagar have recorded and toured together in both Chickenfoot and The Circle over the last few years. Van Halen has not announced any new plans since touring North America in 2015.

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In 1972, the Van Halen brothers formed a band called Genesis featuring Eddie as lead vocalist & guitarist, Alex on drums, and Mark Stone on bass. The band later changed its name to Mammoth when they discovered Genesis was already being used. In 1974, Mammoth officially changed its name to Van Halen

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