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Journey's current lead singer willing to step aside for Steve Perry

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Journey will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on April 7th and recently Neal Schon shared that current lead singer, Arnel Pineda, is okay with the fact that he isn't being inducted with the group. Schon shared during an interview with Boston's WZLX, "He's got a really great attitude . . . much greater than probably anybody could even imagine. He's such a humble and normal person that he doesn't have that type of ego to where he's going, 'Hey, wait a minute. This has been me for the last nine years, and I've been here longer than any singer ever in JOURNEY doing this night to night.' He's worked his ass off. He sings his ass off, he's worked his ass off; it's a lot of work. And, really, Mr. Steve  Perry, he set the standard very high for himself. I mean, it's not like it's a simple blues song and you can sing it way down here. Everything is way up there and you've gotta really take care of yourself as a singer to be able to even pull it off."

He added, "So Arnel knows how we feel about him. And what I'm saying is Arnel will be there, and I am hoping that he will have a part in it too. I've not been told what songs they want us to play. I heard that you can't just pick what you want. You can suggest things, and then the producer's gonna decide. So it's one of those things. I feel it's gonna be a great opportunity to . . . I would like Steve to meet him, and I think it would be really cool if he just gave him some kudos and said, 'Thank you, man. You've been carrying this torch, and everybody's benefiting from it, and keeping the catalog alive.' 'Cause the bands just go away . . . No matter how great the records are, if you just go away and you don't play every year and get in front of your fans, you fade, and I believe that the music fades too. So there's a lot of reasons why we keep gaining momentum. It's 'cause we are working it, man . . .  we are out there every year.”

Schon also shared that Pineda would be more than willing to step aside to allow Perry to sing with the band during the induction ceremony. He said,  "Arnel would gladly step aside. He's said it a million times, and he means it. It's always been an open door for Steve to walk on anytime he wanted. And, for one, I really don't understand . . . There's always people talking drama, like it was my fault that Steve's not there, or, 'Why did you do it without him? You should have waited forever until he had his operation.' But you know what? At this point in our careers, we had done another record with Steve, Trial By Fire, after a very long hiatus . . .  probably ten years; I can't remember exactly. And then he came out from nowhere, called up Jonathan and said, 'I wanna do a record.' And I'm, like, 'What?' He told me, and I was, like, 'What? At this time?' And I was kind of thinking, 'Why? Why, at this point, does he wanna do another record?' And so, we did it, though. We got together, and it was really painless. Much like it's always been when we get together, we sit down at a piano or with a guitar, and we arrange and write on the spot, and it just comes. There's chemistry in between people, and I always had great chemistry with Steve since he came in the band. The first song we ever did was 'Patiently', and I had the music sitting there, all the chords and all the progressions for the song. I was playing it on an acoustic guitar, as it is on the record, and he just started singing on it, and he was writing lyrics as he was going, and before you knew it, bam, there was the first song.”

In addition to Schon and Perry, original members  Ross Valory, Gregg Rolie and Aynsley Dunbar will be inducted. Journey's current drummer Steve Smith and longtime keyboardist Jonathan Cain also made the cut.

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Journey: July 11, 2014

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Journey: July 11, 2014
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