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George Harrison tribute concert set for deluxe reissue

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In honor of what would've been George Harrison's 75th birthday on February 25th, the 2002 tribute show, Concert For George, is being reissued in several deluxe packages.

The set, which will be reissued as a four-LP box set -- as well as a "Limited Edition Deluxe" 10-disc box set. Olivia Harrison said in a statement: "We will always celebrate George's birthday and this year we are releasing Concert For George in a very special package in memory of a special man."

The star-studded Concert For George took place on November 29th, 2002 -- one year to the day of George Harrison's death from cancer at age 58. The concert, which took place at London's Royal Albert Hall, was organized by Eric Clapton and featured heartfelt performances by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Jeff Lynne, and Billy Preston, among many others.

As one of Harrison's closest friends, Eric Clapton was on hand to witness the birth of one of Harrison's greatest Beatles-era classics: "It was one of those beautiful spring mornings, and I think it was April, and we were just walking through the (laughs) garden with our guitars -- and that, I don't do that! Y'know, I only ever do. . . This is what George brought to the situation. He was just a magical guy and he would show up with his guitar, get out of the car with the guitar, and come in and you'd start playing. And we walked around the garden and sat down at the bottom of the garden, looking out and the sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning and he started to sing 'Here Comes The Sun.' The opening lines, y'know?"

Shortly before his 2001 death, George Harrison shed light on choosing Jeff Lynne to be his collaborator for his 1987 comeback album, Cloud Nine: "So I thought, well, I don't want someone who's going to boss me about and turn me into something I'm not. I want someone who has a bit of (laughs) respect for me (laughs) and for my past. I want to respect him, too. So I gave it quite a lot of thought and I -- the only person I could think of was, who I would really like to make a record with, was Jeff Lynne. I suddenly thought, I'd been playing his records, and I thought, 'Jeff, that's it!' So, Jeff Lynne, he's it, if I can get to meet him and con him into (laughs) coming in to work with me."

Side Notes:

The four-LP box set includes the complete sound recordings from Concert For George, on 180-gram audiophile vinyl, featuring a special, mandala-design etched on side-8. This is the first time that all songs from the performance have been available on an audio configuration. The album will also be made newly available via streaming platforms, track listing mirroring that of the vinyl.

In addition to the vinyl formats, the release will also be presented as a 2-CD set, as well as newly issued 2-CD + 2-DVD, and 2-CD + 2-Blu-ray combo packages. The 2-CD set features sound recordings from the concert.

The 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray sets also include the complete filmed concert on the first disc, with a second disc containing the original theatrical version featuring concert highlights, interviews with the performers, rehearsals and behind-the-scenes footage.

Exclusive to the Blu-ray format, the second disc includes an interview segment featuring Ringo Starr, Jim Keltner, and Ray Cooper, entitled "Drummers.”

Check it out: Concert For George - Official Trailer (HD)

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