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Aerosmith's Joe Perry releasing new solo album in January

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Aerosmith's Joe Perry will release his latest solo album, titled Sweetzerland Manifesto, on January 19th.

All the songs are Perry originals, with some help from the legendary Terry Reid.

The album also features a cover of Barry McGuire's 1965 chart-topper, "Eve Of Destruction." Among the high profile guests on the album are the Who's Zak Starkey and Johnny Depp on drums, with vocals by Perry, Reid, David Johansen, and Cheap Trick's Robin Zander.

Joe Perry told us that he always fools around with a few covers to open himself up to the songwriting process: "To get inspired to go down and write, I would go down and cover some of my favorite old rock songs or blues songs. So I'd go down and do, like, 'Little Red Rooster' -- y'know, sing it, play it, and do the whole exercise and, and finish a song. And then the next day, I would write something new."

The track listing to Joe Perry's Sweetzerland Manifesto is:

"Rumble In the Jungle" (instrumental)
"I'll Do Happiness" (featuring Terry Reid)
"Aye, Aye, Aye" (featuring Robin Zander)
"I Wanna Roll" (featuring David Johansen)
"Sick & Tired" (featuring Terry Reid)
"Haberdasher Blues" (featuring David Johansen)
"Spanish Sushi" (instrumental)
"Eve Of Destruction"
"I'm Going Crazy" (featuring David Johansen)
"Won't Let Me Go" (featuring Terry Reid)

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