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AC/DC drummer calls new album 'stellar'

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd reckons that the band's new album is better than its predecessor, 2008's Black Ice, even though founding guitarist Malcolm Young was not present for the sessions. In an interview with Australian radio station Triple M, Rudd called the record "stellar," adding, “I hope it’s as good as I remember when I came away from the studio. It’s pretty damn good.”

Although some music news sites erroneously quoted Rudd as saying that the album was recorded in 10 days, he actually said that he was done with his drum parts in that time, adding, "I've never played better.”

Rudd, who releases his debut solo album Head Job on Friday (August 29th), recently confirmed during an appearance on Australia's Today Show that AC/DC will play live again.

He explained, "There will be another tour, and I’ll be on it. And when there’s another one, I’ll be on that. And another record, I’ll be on that. It’ll go until it dies. We’ll probably all have to be dead before it stops, you know what I’m saying? You’ll never stop Angus (Young), mate.”

AC/DC announced earlier this summer that Malcolm Young was stepping down from the group after 40 years due to unspecified health issues.

The band recently completed recording on its 16th studio album, with Malcolm and Angus' nephew Stevie Young filling in for Malcolm on guitar. The disc is due out before the end of the year.

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