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Report: Paul McCartney launching 2014 tour in Uruguay


Early word is that Paul McCartney will be launching his 2014 tour with yet another return trip to South America. posted a story from, which states that the former Beatle is currently in talks to return to Montevideo, Uruguay's Centenario Stadium sometime "around Easter" -- with a possible show date of April 18th.

McCartney, who's made it a point to hit the continent several times over the past few years, last played the 50,000 seat stadium in Montevideo in 2012. Insiders are speculating that "Macca's" 2014 South American dates may include stops in "Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and other places."

When we last caught up with Brian Ray -- McCartney's guitarist for the past dozen years -- he told us that he finds something particularly special about the selection of songs McCartney chose to play this time out: "The setlist is a thrill for me. I'm really, really enjoying this set. And, y'know, he worked so hard to learn these new songs and I really respect it. He really, really cares, he wants it to be great, he wants to do a great job. And he just nailed it, y'know? And these were all of his choices. I just think he did a great job.”

McCartney was asked why with such a well-oiled, tight, professional band he still undergoes a daily soundcheck prior to a lengthy evening gig: "The real answer is, 'We love it.' So, y'know, whenever we kind of get to the place, we've got to give our (sound) man out front a chance to get his mics up, check that they're all working, and so they do a tech test first of all -- but then we come in for the last three-quarters of an hour, or something, and do that. But we love it. Y'know, it's a nice opportunity to try out some new numbers, just do some stuff that we don't normally do. I enjoy solo-ing, I play a bit more lead guitar than I would normally. I only get a chance to do a couple of bits in the show -- but it's really just we enjoy playing together, that's the truth of it."

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