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Axl Rose pens serious, lengthy open letter on giraffe killing


Following a series of sarcastic tweets last week in which he commented on the controversial decision by a Danish zoo to kill a two-year-old baby giraffe, Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose has now posted a much more longer and far more serious open letter on the issue at his Facebook page. While acknowledging that the operators of the Copenhagen Zoo may have had valid scientific reasons for what they did, Rose writes that the attitude of the zoo personnel toward the incident appears "completely heartless in regard to the animals and seems extremely disrespectful toward the general public on this issue."

Rose continues, "Without more information and better understanding of the breeding program and why this was deemed the appropriate course of action this event seems misguided and a crime against the very nature those in such positions are thought to be involved with as protectors and caretakers of such animals."

He adds, "One can attempt to justify these choices as those taking into consideration a bigger picture scientifically but . . . adherence to such a rigid or strict nature of such clinical focus may be disregarding the public impact of their actions.”

Rose concludes, "For most normal everyday people that love, care about and enjoy animals, this event has been a tragedy. An unexpected, unimaginable and what for many is most devastating a seemingly avoidable horror show that somehow seems lost on the professionals involved.”

According to the New York Times, the giraffe, named Marius, was healthy but was killed because "his genes were well represented among the captive giraffe population in European zoos.”

He was euthanized and his remains fed to the zoo's lions, with the procedure done in full view of children at the zoo.

The killing caused outrage among members of the public and animal rights activists, especially when it was revealed that Marius was slaughtered despite a bid of more than $680,000 from an individual who wanted to take the giraffe in. A petition containing 30,000 signatures also failed to stop the giraffe's death.

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