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Pete Townshend readying first solo album in over 20 years


It's looking as though Pete Townshend's first solo album in over 20 years, Floss, will finally see release this year. Townshend, who's been working on the multi-media project since 2008, spoke about the album in Uncut, which featured it as part of its "2014 Albums Preview," and has its release slated for the spring.

Townshend said, "It's. . . very, very focused and serious. The idea is that we're all terrified. We're living in terror, we're living in anxiety, discomfort and the fear that we have is for the future, the fear for our children's future. We're worried about the planet, we're worried about terrorism, being able to sustain life as we love it, we're afraid we can't guarantee peace."

He went on to say, "It ends with and interactive art installation. I'm hoping that will last a couple of years. I started working on it in 2008 and I'm hoping a series of songs from it will come out next May or June.”

When we caught up with Pete Townshend in 2011, he admitted that he was still working on what shape the piece was eventually going to take: "I've got a book (for the musical), I've got about 20 songs. I'm working on my book now until next March, and then I will start -- I will go back and pick Floss up again and do some more work on it. I see it a bit like The Wall, I suppose. I see it as a big outdoor piece. I don't know really if its something Roger and I would do together -- or whether I would even be in it. I don't really know. When I do this stuff all I really care about is that I have fun making the music and I'm really enjoying working on the music. And quite where it will go, I really don't know."

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