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Paul McCartney's former salon claims lousy hair not their fault


Fans commenting on Paul McCartney's recent hairstyles and drastic dye jobs are nothing new; but the Manhattan salon that originally took care of his legendary Beatle locks wants people to know -- what's happening on top of his head these days has nothing to do with them. Although McCartney has been dying his hair periodically from the late-'70s on, fans became accustomed to his grey locks in the mid-'80s and early-'90s -- until varying shades ranging from deep beige to dark brown began appearing by 1993.

Guy Thomas of the exclusive Guy Thomas Salon told The New York Daily News that McCartney first became a customer in 2004 at the urging at his then-wife Heather Mills: "She called the salon in a very agitated way. People were making fun of the color. He was coloring his hair on his own using a box color from Duane Reade."

Guy and daughter Janelle Mercadante went to frequently work on McCartney's "do" -- with Mercadante handling the coloring and Guy taking on the cutting duties at "Macca's" Hamptons compound. The salon developed a "unique formula" to color McCartney’s hair. But troubled began to brew in 2012 when McCartney -- who reportedly never tipped, but rather handed out tickets to his shows -- had his staff begin demanding the formula, with Mercadante recalling, "He never wanted to pay the money. There was always talk and complaints that the bill was so high. He would stop having us go to him to do the color because it cost more money. . . He had his assistants call us who were nasty. We really shouldn’t have given him the formula. He felt he was entitled to it.”

Thomas went on to talk about the state of McCartney's color and locks these days, saying: "His cut is inferior and the color is a mess. We have clients coming in asking, 'What the hell is wrong with Paul McCartney hair?' People knew he came here, and they ask us, ‘Is that your work?’"

Although Paul McCartney -- who's now 71 -- wants to look as young as he possibly can, admits that at this stage of his life he's far more in tune with his emotions than ever before: "It's interesting, I'm happier now in my head. I'm not as worried about what other people think as I might have once been. Things like crying; for a guy, where I grew up, you didn't do that. So you'd spend a lot of time (imitates holding back tears) -- y'know, in the movies (imitates crying), y'know, just pretending all the time, now I'll just bawl.”

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