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Mick Jagger gearing up for '14 On Fire Tour'


Once again Mick Jagger, finds himself counting down the days for another string of shows with the Rolling Stones, who kicks off their 14 On Fire tour on February 21st in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Jagger spoke about the band ramping up for their first dates of the year, revealing to the South China Morning Post, "If I’m prepping for the tour, I have to up the amount of time I do in the gym, like aerobics and weights and some dancing. Unfortunately, the older you get the more you have to do -- not less. It’s like in football -- they don’t train a lot between games anymore ‘cos if you’ve got one on Saturday, and then one on Tuesday, you rest."

Although Jagger has thousands of shows under his belt, he still frets about the small things: “When you haven’t done a show for even a few weeks, you get a bit worried about how it’s gonna turn out ‘cos there are so many things that can go wrong, and not all of your making. Someone else can screw up, the lighting can go down, the sound can not work properly, the new guy mixing the sound doesn’t work out. You know there are lots of things that can go wrong, there are so many variables."

As far as the prospects of the Stones carrying on well past their 50 anniversary, Jagger explained: “People seem to enjoy watching and so it seems an obvious thing to do. You play to your audience to the best of your ability on any given day. You hope to have a good time yourself and excite an audience, and knock yourself out for them.”

Mick Jagger explained what needs to be taken into account when playing a stadium-type show: "Really, when you go to a big, uh, stadium show, the people that go -- the punters, as we call them -- are not really just going to hear some pristine music. It's just sort of all-'round experience. It's halfway between going to a football match and, y'know, a music show. So, it's. . . You're really looking for -- you want something to enhance the experience visually, to amplify and enhance the experience. Musicians think that's all that people want, but, I mean, I don't take their view."

Noted rock biographer Phillip Norman has recently published his new 640-page book on Mick Jagger, titled, Mick. Norman told us that apart from anything else, Jagger is single handedly responsible for creating the role of the modern rock frontman: "The Stones were the people who sort of wrote the book for modern rock culture. Jagger was the prototype of the man who stands in front of the band -- doesn't play guitar. His body movements become another instrument. Anyone else who came after him, they may have sounded very different -- the way they sang; their whole persona might've been different, but when it came to moving around, they had no way other to move than the way Jagger moved. And that is why I think he is just the founder of a species."

The Rolling Stones tour dates (subject to change):

February 21 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - du Arena
February 26 - Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
March 4, 6 - Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
March 9 - Macau, China - Cotai Arena At The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
May 15 - Singapore, Singapore -  Sands Grand Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands
March 19 - Perth, Australia - Perth Arena
March 22 - Adelaide, Australia - Adelaide Oval
March 25 - Sydney, Australia - Allphones Arena
March 28 - Melbourne, Australia - Rod Laver Arena
March 30 - Woodend, Australia - Hanging Rock
April 2 - Boondall, Australia - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
April 5 - Auckland, New Zealand - Mt Smart Stadium

Side notes:

Out now is the Rolling Stones' latest archival live collection as part of their ongoing "official" bootleg series via Google Play. The 24-track set -- The Rolling Stones: Live At Leeds Roundhay Park - 1982 -- captures the band's July 25th, 1982 European tour closer and their last official concert in over seven years.

The tracklist to The Rolling Stones: Live At Leeds Roundhay Park - 1982 is: "Under My Thumb," "When The Whip Comes Down," "Let's Spend The Night Together," "Shattered," "Neighbours," "Black Limousine," "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)," "Twenty Flight Rock," "Going To A Go-Go," "Let Me Go," "Time Is On My Side," "Beast Of Burden," "You Can't Always Get What You Want," Band Intros, "Little T&A," "Angie," "Tumbling Dice," "She's So Cold," "Hang Fire," "Miss You," "Honky Tonk Women," "Brown Sugar," "Start Me Up," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

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