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U2 to perform on Oscars telecast


U2 and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are both slated to appear at the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, March 2nd, where they will perform their Oscar-nominated numbers for Best Original Song, according to FMQB. U2 will perform "Ordinary Love" from the movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, while Karen O will sing "The Moon Song" from the motion picture Her, which is also nominated for Best Picture.

U2 wrote "Ordinary Love" specifically for the Nelson Mandela biopic, and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. told The Hollywood Reporter that the recording of the song, as well as the band's promotional efforts for the film, slowed down work on their own new album. He explained, "We were on a roll -- it was clear where we were going. And a decision was made to abandon ship, more or less, to focus on this.”

The Irish quartet have now resumed work on their 13th studio album, which they hope to issue this summer. A new song called "Invisible" and an accompanying video have already surfaced.

Guitarist The Edge said that U2 is not interested in resting on its laurels and simply becoming a "heritage act," saying, "It might happen, but we'll go kicking and screaming into that mode. We feel the place for us to be is part of the conversation of contemporary culture and music and film and everything else, and we don't see the reason why we can't.”

Singer Bono told us a while back that he thinks U2 is more than capable of staying relevant after 30 years: "There's a certain contour that's expected of a band or an artist -- y'know, you do your best work very early on in your life, and then you kind of burn out. With our band, it doesn't feel like we're burning out. And if you were a photographer, or a screenwriter, or a poet, or a filmmaker, y'know, in your 30's, you might just be, you know, getting the hang of it. But a lot of rock n' roll bands have burned out by our age. And I'm not buying into that.”

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