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Metallica drummer on criticism: 'it depends what it is'


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich participated in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" question-and-answer session on Thursday (January 30th), where he was interrogated by fans on a number of topics. Although most of Ulrich's answers were brief, he did respond at length to one fan who asked how Metallica responds to criticism from fans these days.

Ulrich replied, "It depends what the criticism is. There are such a wide range of criticisms thrown at you nowadays because the internet gives everyone an opinion, for better or worse. And some people just spew crap for whatever reason, which I don’t pay very much attention to . . . But if someone’s got a fair critique, I’ll certainly pay attention."

Ulrich told us a while back that Metallica has always tried to be responsive to fans: "I try and make Metallica as fan friendly and as fan connected as possible and still within the understanding that musically what we do is about us. So it's like, if you're into the music we're doing and respect that we do the music for us, then if you want to be part of that ride then here's what we can try and offer you to be part of the Metallica family.”.

The band is now at work on its 10th studio album and plans to hit the European festival circuit this summer.

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