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Creed frontman Scott Stapp releases second solo album


Creed frontman Scott Stapp releases his second solo album on Tuesday (November 5th), titled Proof Of Life. The disc comes eight years after his first solo effort, 2005's The Great Divide, and Stapp told us that plans for making a second one got sidetracked along the way: "You know, I thought I was working on the second solo album starting in 2006, but really my life began to be filled with so much chaos that nothing really survived. And then, you know, Creed got back together in 2009. And so there were some themes that were beginning to be born as far back as 2006 and '07, but I don't think I could honestly talk about 'em and could honestly create songs about 'em, because I didn't have the perspective that I have now."

During that 2006-2007 period, Stapp was arrested for intoxication and on a charge of domestic violence, and was also scandalized by the appearance of a sex tape shot in 1999 involving him, Kid Rock and several women.

Stapp later got sober and reunited with Creed with 2009, doing several tours and cutting the Full Circle album.

The first single from Proof Of Life is called "Slow Suicide."

Creed is currently on hiatus while Stapp promotes his new album and the instrumental members of the band tour as Alter Bridge behind their latest disc, Fortress.

Stapp plans a full tour behind his new album next March, but will do promotional TV and radio appearances throughout the fall.

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