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Steven Tyler solo album coming early next year


Steven Tyler will release his solo debut album early next year. reported that the Aerosmith frontman, who has already issued a solo single, called "(It) Feels So Good" back in 2011, said in a radio interview that while the band is on hiatus, he'll be "finishing up some songs for my solo record that I'm doing." Tyler gave "January, February, March" as possible release dates for the still untitled solo set.

Steven Tyler is among the judges for The 62nd annual Miss Universe Pageant being held later this week in Russia at Moscow's Crocus City Hall. Tyler will also perform at the event, which will air on NBC on Saturday, November 9th.

Back in 2011, we asked Steven Tyler why he finally decided to release a solo track after dedicating himself to band work for so long: "I just wanted to do something on my own that I didn't have to filter anything through the band. I could be my own critic, y'know, I could be my own worst enemy on this. Just wanted to see what I could do, you know, with my own song. God knows (Aerosmith guitarist) Joe Perry did it enough times. It's just fun."

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