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Yoko Ono pleased by Paul McCartney's kind words


Yoko Ono is pleased that her former rival Paul McCartney doesn't blame her for the Beatles' 1969 split. McCartney touched upon the pair's often-icy relationship during the Beatles' final days, and beyond, earlier this year in Q magazine -- and recently told Rolling Stone that it was George Harrison who convinced him to move on and not hold any grudges. Yoko, who is in charge of the John Lennon estate, and also McCartney's partner in the Beatles' company, Apple Corps., told The Associated Press, "I'm very thankful. I never felt too bad about Paul. He was my husband's partner and they did a great job and all that. They seemed to have a lot of fun, and I respected that."

There have been ups and downs in the pair's relationship over the years, with the last main hiccup coming earlier in the decade, when McCartney was pushing for his signature works in the Beatles' catalogue to be permanently credited "McCartney/Lennon" as opposed to the traditional "Lennon /McCartney" -- and made the change on his 2002 live set, Back In The U.S. According to insiders, McCartney was reacting to Yoko pulling his name off Lennon's 1969 Plastic Ono Band debut, "Give Peace A Chance" -- despite the fact he had no hand in its writing or recording. At the time, Ringo Starr told us that he was disappointed with McCartney's decision to reverse the songwriting credits: "I think that the way it was done was underhanded, just to change 'em. I mean, 'cause there are a couple of tracks with my name on it -- maybe I'll put that first."

Despite the tension between McCartney and Yoko over the years, in his recent book, titled McCartney, author Christopher Sanford uncovered a first-hand source that alleges that in 1966, prior to hooking up with Lennon, Yoko and McCartney were actually romantically linked. Sanford's unnamed source places himself at McCartney's London townhouse throughout the duration of a social call by Yoko.

Sanford says that judging from McCartney's taste in women alone, it's not too far fetched to believe that the affair took place: "He was known for his attraction to women who were not necessarily, shall we say, traditionally good looking. And we have the source I mentioned, who says that (Paul and Yoko) displayed notable affection for each other. They went up the stairs, and he was seen hugging and squeezing her as she left later that afternoon."

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