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Bob Dylan turned down writing song for ‘Rambo III?


Legendary record producer Giorgio Moroder, best known for his string of '70s hits with Donna Summer, says that Sylvester Stallone wanted Bob Dylan to perform a song for 1988's Rambo III. Moroder, who contributed to the new Donna Summer remix tribute collection, Love To Love You Donna, spoke about the highly unlikely pairing, telling The Guardian, "It was actually Sylvester Stallone who asked me to ask him to sing a song for a Rambo movie. So I composed a song. I wanted him to write the lyrics, of course. I went to see him in Malibu, where he had a beautiful house. He listened to it about four times. I'm not sure if he didn't like the music that much, or if he wasn't interested because of the nature of the movie, which was totally anti-Russian, anti-communist."

Moroder went on to say: "I think he didn't feel like being involved with a movie such as Rambo. It was nice to meet him, and it could have worked, but it didn't work out."

Around the time of the Rambo III song offer, Bob Dylan told the BBC that when it comes to his life and work, he's his own man -- period: "It's not me, it's everybody, y'know? Everyone is a puppet-master. Everyone likes to control puppets and pull their strings, well, I'm saying, 'I'm nobody's puppet, nobody pulls my strings.' I'm sorry, I just don't. . . I don't like that scene."

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