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David Crosby wraps first solo album in 20 years


David Crosby has been tweeting about his upcoming album, marking his first solo studio set since 1993, which he's been producing with son, James Raymond. Crosby posted: "OK I think it is done. . . a brand new David Crosby record. . . 11 tracks. . . all new . . . I love it . . . I believe it is going to be called Dangerous Night . . . we finished mixing it tonight . . . myself. . . Son James. . . and friend Dan Garcia. . . not like anything else."

He went on to say, "Probably going to piss off the government again. . . one of the songs 'Morning Falling' is about a drone strike. Most of the others are about life and love. . . but just as usual. . . strange and hopefully beautiful . . . I think it will come out in Jan. probably sell at least 18 copies. . . Can't wait to play this live which I should be able to do in Feb. Or March. . . mostly just can't wait for you to hear it."

David Crosby told us that for him, being a songwriter and having a social conscience are one and the same: "Well, y'know, you start out simply seeing something that's dishonest, or wrong, or harmful and saying: 'That's dishonest, or wrong, or harmful.' You start out seeing America shooting its own children and watch Neil Young write 'Ohio' and think, 'Yeah, I wanna be a part of that.' Then you have children of your own and the universe shifts. Humbling and a responsibility that you cannot -- if you are a human being -- you cannot ignore, you cannot sit out."

Crosby, Stills, & Nash will next perform on October 5th in Bournemouth, England.

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