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Paul Rodgers is working on two albums


Singer Paul Rodgers is currently fronting Bad Company on its 40th anniversary tour co-headlining tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd but he's still finding the time to get the ball rolling on two new albums. One of the new albums will be a cover of some soul classics while the other will be of new material.

Rodgers explained, "I've just been down to Memphis and recorded some soul tracks at the Royal Studio with Al Green's band . . . It was fantastic. Talk about organic, we just put track after track down without hardly any rehearsal at all and it was just so cool." He's hoping to release the project later this year.

As for the new material, Rodgers explained, "I'm working with a friend of mine called Perry Margouleff on writing songs and recording a new album . . . And he has an analog studio, speaking of the old school of doing things, and we're going to be putting an album together." He hopes to release the second project next year.

In the past, Rodgers shared his opinion on what's going on around the world. He said: : "I'd like to see us look after the world, because it's really the garden that we live in. We have the intelligence and the ability to do so -- we're just not choosing to do so. We're choosing to make a quick buck. Money is our God. It would be nice is there was a bit more emphasis on the spiritual aspect of things, because we're all going to die! (laughs)" )

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