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Bill Wyman says that while it was nice to sit in for a couple of songs during the Rolling Stones' London shows last year -- he's happy he's not in the band. Wyman, who's just published his new high-end Stones tome, Bill Wyman's Scrapbook, talked to The Huffington Post and explained where he stands with the band these days, "The nice thing was that my kids saw me on stage with the Stones. They'd asked me the December before, and I had to jam with them for three days. I was under the impression I was going to get really involved, but when it came to it, they only wanted me to do two songs, which was very disappointing."

During the Stones' 2012 50 & Counting dates, Wyman only appeared onstage for two songs -- "It's Only Rock N' Roll" and "Honky Tonk Women." Wyman, who at 76 is the oldest Stone, quit the band in 1991 after nearly 30 years with the band: "I've always maintained that you can't go back to things, and they can never be the same. It's like a school reunion, or (an) Army reunion. If you try to go back and have a relationship with someone, it doesn't work, and it's the same musically. It doesn't work. It was a one-off. Five minutes. Okay, never again. No regrets, we're still great friends."

Wyman retired from the Rolling Stones shortly after their 1989/1990 Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle world tour. He says that he doesn't listen to the band's recent work: "I don't really listen to their music now, I must say, because it's something that is gone out of my life, really, y'know? I never did play the records anyway, much, because you kind of, you'd heard them all so many times by the time the records came out, you know, in the studio, the mixing and mastering and that."

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