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Led Zeppelin fans are in for a real treat today (April 16th) with the release of legendary rock photographer Neal Preston's digital book, Led Zeppelin: Sound And Fury. The book features hundreds of photographs of the band, including well over 100 shots of Zeppelin which have never before been published, countless contact sheets, both video and printed interviews with Zeppelin's tour insiders, along with Preston's own personal commentary, and rare memorabilia. Old friend -- and frequent photographic subject -- Stevie Nicks wrote the book's forward.

Preston, who's published several other books on Zeppelin, explained to us how Sound And Fury stands out from the pack: "This is a digital book. It's a book that we made available exclusively to Apple for the iPad. And it obviously differs from a regular book, where you have pages, and ink, and paper. It contains a lot of content that obviously you can't put in a traditional book. Audio, audio video interviews -- it's interactive. And it was really a trip, putting it together."

It's safe to say that Preston -- the only man to ever serve as Led Zeppelin's official tour photographer -- has taken the definitive shots of the band, both on and off the stage: "Robert (Plant), obviously had the look. . . well, y'know, they all had the look. Jimmy Page's stage moves are pretty much unparalleled -- except for Pete Townshend. They all had their moments photographically. I think that knowing the music helps to a certain extent, but I found it fascinating to photograph Jimmy Page. Y'know, they also looked good (in) '73, '75, '77. The confidence exuded. Or as I call it in the book, 'swagger.' There was a lot of swagger goin' on."

For more info on Neal Preston or to order prints, log on to:

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