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Stevie Nicks compositions dominated Rolling Stone's new Reader's Poll for "The 10 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs." Only three of the 10 songs weren't written by Nicks -- although the Number One spot was given to "The Chain," which is officially a full band co-write, but based on a Nicks melody. The Number Two spot went to Lindsey Buckingham's Rumours classic, "Go Your Own Way," with the Top Three rounded out by Nicks' 1975 acoustic favorite "Landslide."

Although none of the Top 10 picks included any of Christine McVie's hits for the band ("Don't Stop," "You Make Loving Fun," "Say You Love Me," "Hold Me"), co-founding guitarist Peter Green's 1969 signature tune for the band, "Oh Well," took the Number Seven spot on the list.

When we last caught up with Stevie Nicks, we asked her to describe the journey from songwriter into being a "recording artist": "The words are the hardest part to write. If you've got a bunch of great words, going and setting yourself up in a studio with some candles and some incense and a couple of your great friends who are musicians -- now that's a pleasure. Actually writing the words and getting your poems right -- that's long hard work by yourself. That work is all done. If somebody says, 'We're doing an album' -- then I go into, y'know, six weeks of solid songwriting. Then I've got 10 songs."

Fleetwood Mac -- featuring Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie -- kicks off its 2013 dates on April 4th in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena.

"The 10 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs" according to Rolling Stone readers:

1. "The Chain" (Rumours, 1977)
2. "Go Your Own Way" (Rumours, 1977)
3. "Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
4. "Rhiannon" (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
5. "Dreams" (Rumours, 1977)
6. "Silver Springs" ("Go Your Own Way" B-Side, 1976)
7. "Oh Well" (Single, 1969)
8. "Gold Dust Woman" (Rumours, 1977)
9. "Sara" (Tusk, 1979)
10. "Gypsy" (Mirage, 1982)

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