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Ringo Starr has announced a special release for Record Store Day. The Ringo Starr: Singles Collection, featuring three seven-inch vinyl singles in lift-top box includes a trio of Ringo's classic '70s Apple Records singles -- "Photograph" backed with "Down And Out," "It Don't Come Easy" backed with "Early 1970" and "(It's All Down To) Goodnight Vienna" backed with "Oo-Wee." The three vinyl singles feature replicated original artwork.

Ringo told us he'll always have a soft spot for his first solo Number One hit, "Photograph": "'Photograph,' y'know, was a huge song for me. And (it) was probably the best structured of mine, which was helped by George. The thing about 'Photograph' -- the emotion I get from it -- is that I was in Spain at the time when I wrote it. But the sentiment of that song I love, but now it has a different meaning, of course. Just because of the fact that George has left. Y'know the song's a song that fits into the universe and that's good. And I still do it now, a hundred years later."

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