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Only Peter Frampton could tread the fine line between rehearsing an original ballet score, building a school in Mexico, and mixing unreleased Humble Pie concerts. Frampton, posted on Facebook about his 2013 projects, writing, "The new music I have written with Gordon Kennedy for the Cincinnati Ballet shows on April 26th and 27th is ready to work up with the band. We start rehearsing for that beginning of April. In the meantime, I am going to Mexico with Kerry Kennedy to help build a school for some less fortunate children with the help of Habitat for Humanity. We will be hiking up into the mountains and sleep in tents. What no limo or Four Seasons?!!! Who booked me this gig?"

He also touched upon the mixing sessions he and drummer Jerry Shirley have taken part in for the expanded reissue of Humble Pie's 1971 groundbreaking live set, Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore, posting, "Jerry Shirley and I have been listening to the progress of the new mixes of the other shows from the Humble Pie Fillmore stint. These were the shows we pulled one from to be the Rocking The Fillmore album. As the surviving members we are very excited to be able to be working on this new project. It will be CD's of all four shows unedited. We know Greg Ridley and Steve Marriott would be pleased we were working on this. Jerry and I got extremely excited hearing this unreleased Humble Pie that hasn't been heard in 42 years!!! Go say hi to Jerry on Facebook he'll be thrilled to hear from you. He was the engine that drove Humble Pie. An amazing drummer and my dear friend and brother!!!"

Jerry Shirley recently published his autobiography, Best Seat In The House: Drumming In The '70s With Marriott, Frampton, And Humble Pie, and told us that although the band never really caused a ripple in the careers of rock's "big three"; they did -- and still do great business: "Let's face it, I mean, we were a great band and we were a big band for a while there, but we were never the Beatles, we were never the (Rolling) Stones, we were never the Who. We never got to that stratosphere, if you like. We were trying to get there. But, y'know what? Considering that, the amount of record sales we still generate is quite decent. I mean, y'know, it's not millions a year, but it's a healthy amount. Let's put it like that."

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