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After years of delays, Denny Laine -- Paul McCartney's right-hand man throughout the 1970's -- is working on an official memoir, according to Beatles Examiner. Laine, who co-founded the Moody Blues in 1964 and launched Wings with Paul and Linda McCartney and Ram drummer Denny Seiwell in 1971, told Hippo magazine: "I've been given to go-ahead to write about the McCartney's and all of that, but obviously I'll run it by Paul. I've written a lot of the early Wings stories. But only versions -- they'd have to be extended. I have 100 pages, but that would have to end up being 500 pages. And it's not just about the Wings period."

Laine added that the book will stretch through 2000 and that, "finding the time to finish is the problem." No publisher, title, or release date has been announced. Laine said that he'd recently been interviewed by Rolling Stone about McCartney's upcoming deluxe reissue of 1976's Wings Over America live collection, but wouldn't go into details about the interview.

Biographer Christopher Sanford, who wrote the critically acclaimed McCartney biography, says that Denny Laine is an important and missed figure in the former Beatle's life: "In '71 when Paul decided after Ram that he was going to put a band together, he could have hired anyone in the world, more or less. It's significant that he went for Denny. And I think there was a companionship and a compatibility that stood them in good stead. It's significant, of course, that Denny was the only guy who hung on for the entire nine or ten years in Wings."

Laine and McCartney's friendship was severed back in the early-1980's when Laine spoke about the McCartney's private life to UK tabloid newspapers. Laine's late ex-wife Jo Jo gave a scathing account of life with Paul and Linda McCartney to writer Geoffrey Giuliano, in his gossip-tinged biography of the former Beatle, titled Blackbird: The Life And Times of Paul McCartney, which Laine wrote the forward to.

We asked Paul McCartney about the state of their relationship after parting ways in 1981: "Denny Laine, no, we're not big friends. Uh, we had a bit of a fall out. He sold his story to the newspapers -- which is never gonna make a great friend with those kind of people. He says he was drunk and stuff when he did it -- and he probably was. But, he's okay, but we don't see much of each other, y'know?"

Denny Laine says that although Wings always seemed to be an extension of the McCartney's family, it never was really a cozy as it was portrayed: "The only people that socialized were me, Paul, and Linda. And that was in a sort of songwriting aspect, with me going over to their house or vice versa just to get some songs together -- or we'd go on vacation and write some songs. But other than that, it was just down to the work and outside of work, we just wanted to get away from it all and have some peace."

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