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With the Doors' legendary July 5th, 1968 show at the Hollywood Bowl recently released officially on DVD/Blu-ray as The Doors Live At The Bowl '68, Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek spoke with Spinner about his memories of the gig, which he described as a "great performance" and "The Doors having sex with their Los Angeles audience."

Manzarek confirmed long-held rumors that you can see Mick Jagger in the audience on the DVD, saying, "Jagger was there and, come of think of it, all of the Stones were there, as well. We all had dinner before the show with the Stones. Now I don't know where they were during the show, but there are rumors that (singer) Jim (Morrison)'s girl was sitting on Jagger's lap."

The DVD/Blu-ray features the show in its entirety, including an hour of previously unseen footage and a never-before-seen performance of "Hello, I Love You."

Manzarek said that among the show's highlights, "'Light My Fire' was a magnificent performance. I think I played one of the best solos I ever played at that performance."

He added that Morrison "performed the whole concert with extreme intensity," adding, "The performance of that song is something you'd never seen a lead singer do before or since."

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