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Thin Lizzy leader and guitarist Scott Gorham announced via the band's Facebook page that they are scrapping plans for a new album under the Thin Lizzy name, claiming that they group is doing so in respect to founder Phil Lynott, who died inn 1986 -- and despite the fact that they've been touring with various lineups since 1996. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Gorham posted: "Out of respect to Phil Lynott and the legacy he created, we have decided that we should not release a new album under the Thin Lizzy name. It was a very difficult decision as we put a lot of time and effort into re-building the Thin Lizzy brand over recent years. . . Releasing a new album was the only way to continue this success. We all know how much Phil meant to this band and the fans. We will release this material soon and you will be hearing some great new music with the classic Thin Lizzy sound intact. We will announce future plans early in the New Year."

Lead singer Ricky Warwick, who joined the band in 2009, made it clear that Thin Lizzy is packing it in -- or at least retiring the name for future dates and recordings: "Without a new album to gain new press and keep the momentum we have built up over the past two years, we are worried the Thin Lizzy brand and all it stands for will diminish to a point we would never want to see. Therefore our regular touring as Thin Lizzy will cease at the end of this year after our European tour. I do want to stress that this does not necessarily mean we will never play together again as Thin Lizzy. If there are options for other parts of the world, in territories that this lineup has never visited, then we may still play odd shows in 2013 and beyond if people want to see us."

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